We are now welcoming apprenticeships & fellow barbers to join our team of elite barbers!

Modern Male is looking for those aspiring to become barbers who are looking for a no limit sky’s the limit career. If you are located in Bucks County or Montgomery County, PA we can help you learn the trade of becoming a Barber in the area. We offer a free barber school at our shop for anyone in the area. Learn how to become the best barber in the industry with us. Whether you have experience or non at all we can guide you to a place of mastering this great profession. Modern Male has three locations and has vision of many more. Contact Nick at nick@modernmalebarbershop.com or call 215-353-1535. Become part of a growing and hungry organization in Bucks County & Montgomery County, PA.

Thank you – the Modern Male Team.

Learn How to Become a Barber

Our staff is highly trained to teach the elite barbers and the best barbers in the area. We love to be part of the community and provide the best service in the area. We invite you to apply to our apprenticeship program so you can join the elite barbers in Bucks County or Montgomery County, PA. Want to learn more about our barber apprenticeship program in the area give us a call at 215-353-1535.

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