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Meet Vinni

My name is Vincenzo but you can call me Vinni. My background is in teaching and after taking a job out of college as a Gym teacher, I realized my passions lie elsewhere.

In 2014, my big brother, “Nicky the Barba”, offered to enroll me in his Barber Apprentice Program, and the rest, as they say, is history.

After completing the program I got my barber license and continued to study under the senior barbers I was surrounded by. This early training has made my scissor work versatile across many different hair types and styles.

My style has combined this range of experience to give my clients haircuts that suit their unique head shape with a look appealing to their needs.

My favorite part of this business is the connection I make with the clients themselves and the exchange I’ve had with many amazing people over the years.

In 2017 I took over the Modern Male Barbershop Apprentice Program and continue to help young men and junior barbers hone their skills to be the best grooming specialists they can be.

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