Meet Amanda

Hi, Amanda Here!
I grew up in Chestnut Hill and Glenside. I have moved around PA a lot and this is just where I landed. My first job was with a barbershop and I have always been good at marketing myself and learning through doing.  In 2020 I decided to take the journey and become a licensed barber and enrolled in MMBAcademy. I have recently graduated and I am excited to start my barber career. 
I’m good with the straight razor, and I am improving with fades, but I haven’t honed in on my specialty yet. I love doing styles that involve the hair to be longer on top blended into a fade, I enjoy experimenting with texture. I also love shaping beards. I tend to get excited when I learn a new skill, and honestly I’m excited about the constant ability to continue to develop in my barber career. 
When I am not in the shop, I am at home with my animals, dog mom here!  I also enjoy working out at the gym and I like to spend time doing Ariel Art With Lyra.
I look up to my father and older brother.  My dad with his work ethics and gigantic heart, and my brother with his personal growth and attitude towards every situation. It’s good to have a strong drive and a sense of humor.
I admire when someone can see a situation for more than what it is, the bigger picture and can avoid a problem before it starts. I also think when someone is successful and believes in themselves and remains humble and wants others to also be successful , that’s admirable.
I would love to do a fundraiser for victims of domestic abuse or help those suffering with PTSD.
Looking forward to  seeing you at your next appointment!
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