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Meet John

Hi, Suan here! 
I picked up an interest in barbering in high school and began learning how to cut hair when I was 18 years old. After graduation, I worked hard over the course of the next year to earn my barber license certification and have been working full-time ever since.
I am super passionate about my work and love having the capability of making anyone who sits in my chair feel comfortable. The best part of the job is successfully planning and executing a haircut with new and recurring clients while maintaining a positive attitude and easy-going conversations.
Outside of the shop, I’m usually at home playing video games or hanging out with my two best friends. You’ll usually find me talking about a new album I love and making personalized playlists. 
I currently live in Lansdale and work at our Souderton location. I consistently strive to always make new goals for myself, and look forward to meeting with new clients soon!
Be sure to check out my Barber Suan Instagram Account: Click Here
I hope to see you soon!
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