Abby sitting

Meet Abby

Hi, Abby here!
Growing up I always knew I wanted to do hair but it wasn’t until I attended cosmetology school that I discovered my love for barbering. After graduation in 2019, I became a student with MMBAcademy where I honed my skills in cutting men’s hair.  In my 6 years in the field, I’ve worked at multiple salons alongside master hairstylists  but nothing compared to the atmosphere of the barbershop. I love what I do so much because I have the ability to give my clients more confidence than they walked in with after only 30minutes in my chair. 
It’s an amazing opportunity for me to be the first female barber at ModernMale! With my cosmetology background I hope I’m able to raise the bar and offer a service unlike others you’ve experienced.
In my free time, you could probably find me outdoors or managing my side-business where I sell a variety of health and wellness products. 
I look forward to seeing you at our next appointment!
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