Meet Anthony

Hi, I’m Anthony.  
I was inspired to be a barber by my mother & grandmother.  I grew up with both of these amazing women who were in the hair industry and I have always admired their ability to style hair.  After graduating from Pennridge high school in 2017 I took sometime to explore my options.  In February of 2020 I made the decision to enroll at the Modern Male Barber Academy and  9 months later I found myself cutting hair at the Perkasie Barber Shop.  I am excited to start my barbering career and continue to learn from all the great barbers I am surrounded by.  I am currently working on mastering traditional taper haircuts and perfecting my skills when it comes to skin fades.
When I am not behind the chair, I LOVE to watch movies. I can talk about movies for hours. Some call me a movie buff.  My top 3 picks are Pulp Fiction, One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest & Seven.
I hope to see you at your next cut. We can talk about your top 3 movies picks.
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