Meet Peter

Peter is a huge fan and student of traditional barbering. He’s always had a genuine interest in becoming a barber but never had the means to, until now.

Peter had been going to Modern Male Barbershop to get his hair cut when he noticed a sign that said, “Ask us how to become a barber.” After contacting them multiple times he was given an interview and soon after, signed up for the Modern Male Barbershop Apprentice Program.

Peter loves traditional barbering styles like the comb-over, pompadour, and flat top, but with a modern twist. He’s devoted to studying the subtle ways these styles can be altered to create new and different looks.

Making gentlemen feel good about how they look and feel about themselves is the reason Peter works so hard to develop and improve his grooming toolkit.

If you’re looking to keep your style fresh and want to maintain that sharp look, book your next appointment with Peter and see what he can do for you.

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